Friday, June 18, 2010

OU Hosts Journalism Program for Foreign Educators

by Alex Valverde

Trent Stephens

Foreign journalism educators will have a unique opportunity to learn about American journalism at Ohio University this summer.

Arman Tarjimanyan has many years of experience as a foreign correspondent in countries including Armenia and Russia. This summer he is working with the Ohio University U.S. Institute for Journalism and Media to teach 18 foreign educators about American journalism. These educators teach journalism in their respective countries.

Tarjimanyan decided to work with this program because he wants to help bring influences from American journalism to these different countries. He said, “It’s mainly about sharing American standards of journalism and teaching more American standards of media reporting and media research to foreign educators.”

Tarjimanyan’s role will cover the more technical aspects of the program. However, he wants to use his experience as a foreign correspondent to help them better understand American media and culture. He’s very interested in international media and the different portrayals of it in countries around the world.

He thinks that OU’s program will be very useful, but not only for the participants. Tarjimanyan said, “…American professors can learn a lot from the participants by looking on some problems from a different angle.”

This program will begin at Ohio University on June 30 run until August 12. For more information on this program, click here.